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Quinton Anderson

Hi, I'm Quinton Anderson. Welcome to my profile!

I am a delivery focussed IT Leader. I believe in building a team with the right people and then enabling them to succeed. I believe that a highly motivated and skilled team is vital to success and that my role in a management position is to create an environment in which this exists and then combine it with the appropriate processes, domain expertise and technology to create success. I find delivering IT projects extremely challenging and exciting. I believe that software systems should be engineered through quantitative and disciplined processes and that quality should be an absolute focus.

Quinton Anderson's Background

Quinton Anderson's Experience

Lecturer and software coach at JCSE

June 2009 - October 2012

The Johannesburg Centre for Software Engineering is a non profit division of Wits university charged with increasing the capability of the local software industry by the DTI. The JCSE brought CMMI to South Africa and more recently the Team Software Process (TSP) from the Software engineering institute in the USA. The TSP is an approach to delivering software projects in a quantitative manner. Software teams are taught to measure what they do accurately and then use the data to guide their delivery and continuous improvement. This approach has had resounding success in the USA. I participated in the process of bringing TSP to South Africa. Duties: - Teaching PSP and PSP advanced courses. - Teaching the "leading teams" course. - Teaching the "management orientation" course - TSP Coach

Development Manager at FNB - Global Transactional Services

January 2010 - September 2012

Within GTS IT the Fusion team is responsible for all inter product integrations and all straight to bank integrations with clients. The fusion team is also responsible for all the Swift and Settlement systems that deliver Swift and RTGS to the first rand group. The Fusion team is highly motivated and capable, which is important given that they are critical in all the GTS enablement projects. The team is currently normalized and delivery rates are increasing each month as process maturity increases and overall team capability increases. Duties: - Overall team leadership working with 4 team leaders. - Ensuring project delivery. - Ensuring quality of deliveries. - Requirements finalization with business and process engineering - Running of workshops with business to derive requirements - Acquiring domain knowledge in order to help guide the team - Technical architecture - Recruitment and formation of the team - Team Software Process (TSP) Coach - TSP Process champion - Enabling the team to delivery - Interfacing with infrastructure to ensure delivery - Interfacing with QA to ensure delivery

Business Owner at SEAD

January 2006 - January 2010

Software Engineering, Architecture and Design (SEAD) was a small consulting firm with the IT and Defense environments in South Africa. We provided software design and implementation consulting Duties: - New business development. - Systems architecture. - Providing consulting services to customers. - General business administration. - Team establishment and development. - Ensure project delivery

Lead Software Engineer at Saab Grintek Comminications

January 2003 - January 2006

Originally employed by Thales Advanced Engineering, which was purchased by and became a division of Saab. We provided tactical military communication systems and HF Radios. During my time there I built a small software team within the purely engineering environment, we implemented many exciting systems including the communication systems for the South Africa Submarines and Naval Corvettes. Duties: - Software Design and Architecture. - Development and integration testing. - Weapons platform integration.

Software Developer at Levy and Associates

January 2001 - January 2003

A small debt collection and medical practice administration company. Focussed on outsourced CRM and administration. Duties: - Accounting system implementation. - Software testing. - Network administration. - Customer installation and take on. - Technology purchasing.

Development Manager at Commonwealth Bank

July 2013

Software Engineer at IZAZI Solutions

October 2012

I am the senior engineer. We provide mobile, web and analytics solutions for financial services. This includes big data solutions, predictive analytics, mobile and internet banking and mobile commerce. We use a mix of open source and commercial technologies. These include Storm, Cassandra, Hadoop, SAP 365, Cascading, Cascalog and many more. We are delivering on cutting edge solutions.

Quinton Anderson's Education

University of Pretoria

2004 – 2006

Bsc (hons)

Bond University

2000 – 2002


Concentration: Information Technolofy

Software Engineering Institute

Concentration: Computer Software Engineering

Quinton Anderson's Interests & Activities

Machine Learning, Robotics, Enduro

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